how can I express error message in text

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Chang Jae Kim
Chang Jae Kim on 15 Jul 2013
Hello you guys
I made a GUI for ANN. the GUI is worked by loading the mat file, saved the learning result.
after confirming that GUI works, I tried to make the GUI into .exe file.
I used command 'deploytool' and follow a procedure to make a .exe file.
but, when the .exe file works, the output didn't express in .exe file.
I don't know what the error is. please suggest your opinion to me.
additionally I want to use 'try-catch' to find error and express in any static text.
but, it also have a problem. the following is the command to find error
try load('CBM_DC.mat') p1=str2double(get(handles.depth,'String')); p2=str2double(get(handles.perm,'String')); p3=str2double(get(handles.thick,'String')); p4=str2double(get(handles.rank,'String')); p5=str2double(get(handles.content,'String')); p6=str2double(get(handles.strength,'String')); p7=str2double(get(handles.extent,'String')); p8=str2double(get(handles.dip,'String')); p9=str2double(get(handles.num,'String')); input=[p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9]; [i1,is]=removeconstantrows(input); [i2,is]=mapminmax(i1); out=sim(net,i2'); fprintf('%8.1f \n',out); catch exception load('cbm_DC.mat') end
in this command, 'set(handles.error,'String',out)' is the cause of error. please let me know what I should do. thank you.

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Ravi on 15 Jul 2013
By using deploytool we can make .exe file... So GUI's wont work when made into application format...
try with "mbuild -setup" select a compiler... then run....
Even "matlab compiler runtime engine" software may heip this problem...
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Chang Jae Kim
Chang Jae Kim on 15 Jul 2013
I made a console application and tried to work exe. file
and I finde the error as followed
???Error using --> load Unable to read file cbm_DC.mat:No such file or directory.
what should I do to solve this problem? please help me.

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