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Phudit Kanittasut
Phudit Kanittasut on 3 May 2021
Answered: Nagasai Bharat on 7 May 2021
If loclv is equal to index number , how can I keep the value in Data with index from loclv and change in other to 0 (Change only in column 2
Data = readmatrix('Pure Brain Spectra.csv');
%for i = 2:cols
%hold on
Xlocs = Data(:,1);
Ylocs = Data(:,3);
select = [Xlocs Ylocs]
%for j=1:rows
value = findpeaks(Ylocs,Xlocs);
[pks,locsLiv] = findpeaks(Data(:,2));
%hold off

Answers (1)

Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat on 7 May 2021
From my understanding you are trying to replace values in second column in Data with "pks" at locsLiv as index and have rest indices to have a zero.
Adding the following lines of code should do the task
Data(:,2) = 0; % After line [pks,locsLiv] = findpeaks(Data(:,2));
Data(locsLiv,2) = pks ;


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