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Error: Too many output arguments

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Bao Phan
Bao Phan on 4 May 2021
Commented: Bao Phan on 5 May 2021
Hi everyone, I'm new.
I have a question, Why when i put [a s] = x and assign x = myRand(1,3) it has error ("Too many output arguments.")
But when i put [a s] = myRand(1,3) error is not happened . Please explain me!

Accepted Answer

Jan on 4 May 2021
The function myRand replies to variables, which are assigned to the variables x and s.
In the line [a,s]=x you try to assign the variable x to two variables, and this is a syntax error. What do you want to achieve? That a and s have the value x? Then:
[a, s] = deal(x)
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Bao Phan
Bao Phan on 5 May 2021
Wow thank you sir . I got it.

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