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how can I get a y value for a chosen x value.

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Vanessa Chimedza
Vanessa Chimedza on 4 May 2021
Edited: Vanessa Chimedza on 5 May 2021
I solved 5 ODEs which follow the the change of y with respect to time (t).This resulted in the the matrix [t,y] .The maximum value of t is 4.
I want to get the values of y for all the 5 equations at t=4.I have used the following code for getting the value of y but it is displaying the y value for the first equation only.
How do I edit the code to display the values of y for all the 5 equations ?

Accepted Answer

Jan on 4 May 2021
yDesired=y(index, :);
% ^
But this gives you the trajectory and all but the last derivative. To get "all equations" it is the easiest solution to call the function to be integrated:
[last_t, last_y] = YourODE(t(end), y(end, :))

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