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Trouble in codegen customized antenna pattern

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Tor Viscor
Tor Viscor le 6 Mai 2021
Commenté : Tor Viscor le 11 Mai 2021
I am trying to use codegen on a customized antenna pattern, basically this,
pattern = phased.CustomAntennaElement('AzimuthAngles',x.azim,'ElevationAngles',x.elev, ...
but I keep getting the following error message:
"??? Expression could not be reduced to a constant.", which points to line 1014 of the CustomAntennaElement.m function when setting the phase.
Does Matlab Coder not support custom antenna functions? Could anybody give me some advice please?
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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 8 Mai 2021
Thansk for reporting this. We've idenfitied the issue and will fix it in a future release. Please see the ansewr below for a workaround.

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Honglei Chen
Honglei Chen le 7 Mai 2021
I don't know how x is formed, but here is an example you can take a look, that generates the code. The main idea is to push pattern computation to a separate function and use coder.extrinsic to compute it first then save as a constant.
The main function looks like this
function pattern = phasedArrayWrapper()
AzimuthAngles = -180:180;
ElevationAngles = -90:90;
MagnitudePattern = coder.const(getPattern(AzimuthAngles,ElevationAngles));
phasepattern = zeros(size(MagnitudePattern));
ant = phased.CustomAntennaElement('AzimuthAngles',AzimuthAngles,'ElevationAngles',ElevationAngles, ...
pattern = ant(3e8,[0;0]);
The supporting function, which needs to be on path, looks like below
function pat = getPattern(AzimuthAngles,ElevationAngles)
pat = mag2db(repmat(cosd(ElevationAngles)', ...
The codegen command is shown below
>> codegen phasedArrayWrapper
Code generation successful.
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Tor Viscor
Tor Viscor le 11 Mai 2021
Thanks for the answer.
I tried your way and also something similar,by saving the pattern information in a variable and loaded it in the main code for codegen. But both resulted in that error message. Could it be an issue with the pattern type I am trying to use in the custom antenna function?
Please see below:
% this is the pattern to be used in the custom antenna element function, saved in 'cosVar'
antenna = phased.CosineAntennaElement;
TRM = phased.ULA('NumElements',6,'Element',antenna,'ArrayAxis','y','ElementSpacing',lambda/2);
[pat_azEl,azim, elev ] = pattern(TRM,fc,-180:0.05:180,-90:0.05:90);
TRM_pattern = phased.CustomAntennaElement('AzimuthAngles',azim,'ElevationAngles',elev,'MagnitudePattern',(pat_azEl),'PhasePattern',0*ones(size(pat_azEl)));

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