MATLAB Deep Learning Training with GPU using Neural Networks

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Hi Guys, I make my question very simple, I hope getting answers.
I have a dataset of about 65GB having 1 lac plus images. I want to run deep lerning training using Neural Networks. Problem is to run such large dataset, my laptop took almost 30 plus days as processing of large dataset is difficult without fast GPUs. Suggest me best way to do training my model with high speed either its paid or free. I am looking much needed answers. Thnaks.

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 10 May 2021
Hi Mohammad,
As you have pointed out with your application, some deep learning training tasks can take a long time. My suggestion would be to see if any of the virtual machines on AWS or Azure will help you get your results sooner.
The MATLAB Deep Learning Container can be used to install MATLAB quickly and easily on any of the virtual machines from any cloud provider.
I'd recommend:
  1. Selecting a virtual machine with a GPU, such as Amazon's P3 Instances.
  2. Pull & Run the MATLAB Deep Learning Container.
  3. See how long it takes to execute ~10-100 epochs (rather than waiting multiple days).
  4. See if this is quicker than your current desktop.
Deep Learning Product Manager
MOHAMMAD AQEEL on 10 May 2021
when i enter Mathwork Acount Username and Password, it says that you need license for GPU Coder and MATLAB Coder. I will attach screenshot next time very soon when i will try to launch the container. I have trial licnese for MATLAB and it says you need qoute increase for your trial. I will attach screenshot for clarity.

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