how to display the result that i get from pushing a button in an edit box in matlab gui?

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shafaq innam
shafaq innam on 20 Jul 2013
sir i want to create a gui for watermarking text documents. the watermarking system reads text file word by word then selects the frequent occurring word as a keyword,the initial letters of preceding and the next words to the keyword are then used to generate a watermark pattern, now i want to make gui for that system. the gui should contain a read button to read the text file a keyword button to select the keyword from the document and display it in a text box and a watermark button to generate e watermark pattern and show it in an edit box. i am confused that how can i assign the output that i get from pressing button e.g if i push keyword button i get "the" as keyword i want this keyword to be displayed in an edit box or static text box as a result of pushing keyword button. how can i do this? i hope u can understand it now

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