PID Autotune for quadcopter

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Mert OLÇAMAN on 14 May 2021
Answered: Rhea Chandy on 24 May 2021
Hi everyone, I am working on a quadcopter project. I prepared a bicopter test model for tuning PID parameters with Simulink. Unfortunately I can't control it well. I tried to tune it automatically by frequency response based but I can't do it. How can i set tuning parameters below, Can anyone help me please?

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy on 24 May 2021
Hi Mert,
Take a look at this video talk on Drone Simulation and Control :Drone Simulation and Control, Part 5: Tuning the PID Controller Video - If you need more context, you can take a look at the other videos in the series. This Quadcopter Project example may also be a helpful resource.


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