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How to use find function in cell array

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Ricky on 25 Jul 2013
Commented: Filza Ashraf on 22 May 2014
Hello ,
I have a 306*1 cell array and each cell array has a matrix of 100*2 elements. I want to find in which particular cell arrays I have value less than a specified value.
i was reading the documentation and found I could use predefined function
X = cellfun(@find,C(:,1)<27) but this command gives me an error.
I just want to check the first column ín each cell array for a specified value.

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Iman Ansari
Iman Ansari on 25 Jul 2013
C = {100*rand(100,2);100*rand(100,2);100*rand(100,2)};
X = cellfun(@(x) find(x(:,1)<27),C,'Un',0);
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Filza Ashraf
Filza Ashraf on 22 May 2014
if a cell contains an image how can i apply find command for a cell to find certain intensity pixels

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