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Mohammad Al Kotob
Mohammad Al Kotob on 19 May 2021
Commented: Mohammad Al Kotob on 27 May 2021
1. Create a function “secant method” that returns a variable “results”. These should later contain a vector of results from the iterations.
2. The method should transfer an x_0, x_1 value, the function and the number of iterations to get.
3. Initialize the vector with ones in the dimension 1 x (number of iterations +2).
4. Assign the x_0 and x_1 values to the first two digits of the vector.
5. Iterate over the result vector in a loop.
6. Now calculate the x_n value in each loop pass according to the Secant formula: x_n + 1 = x_n - (x_n - x_n_1) / (f (x_n) - f (x_n-1)) * f (x_n)
7.After the calculation, reassign the variables for the next run (keyword: x_n-1, x_n).
8. Add the current result to the result vector.
9. Call the newly created function with an anonymous function f = x ^ 2-2, 4 iterations and the starting values 1 and 2 (see lecture, exercise) and check the results.
10. Make sure that no errors or unnecessary output are displayed.
Mohammad Al Kotob
Mohammad Al Kotob on 20 May 2021
Hello , thats what i've done :
function [result]= secant method (x_0,x_1,f,k)
result = ones(1,(k+2));
result(1)= x_0; result(2)= x_1;
for k=1: length(result)

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Nagasai Bharat
Nagasai Bharat on 27 May 2021
Initially the function would show an error due to it's name(no space to be present between words). Correct way would be to use "secant_method".
The following documention would help you understaning the correct format while using function.


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