Why doesn't tcpclient find server for WiFi communication?

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Kaan Inal
Kaan Inal le 21 Mai 2021
i am trying to set up a WiFi connection between Matlab and an ESP8266.
I set up the ESP8266 as server acting as a Access Point. I can connect my PC via WLAN with the ESP8266.
Also i can ping the ESP8266 IP4-Adresse and get an answer.
The Problem is that somehow that Matlab cant establish a connection to the ESP8266.
I used the function tcpclient(IP,PORT). Error: a communication link with the remote server cannot created.
Maybe i miss some additional settings and maybe someone can help me with my problem.
Thank you.

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Tarunbir Gambhir
Tarunbir Gambhir le 27 Mai 2021
You can communicate with ESP8266 on MATLAB through ThingSpeak for an IOT project. You can find more details on these projects here.
You can also use ESP8266 module to talk to arduino on MATLAB by following these steps.


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