TI C2000 launchpad F28379D serial communication failure

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Hi, I try to use simulink and 28379D launchpad to control PMSM motor.
hardware description: Ti 28379D launchpad+ BOOSTXL-DRV8305EVM
software description: matlab2020a+simulink+CCS v10+Controlsuite+Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors et.al
program description: mcb_pmsm_foc_qep_f28379d and mcb_param_est_f28379D_DRV8305 et.al
When I try to run my simulink model on TI launchpad F28379D, obviously, it can be build into lauchpad.
but when I try to control the motor by the host model(serial communication between lauchpad and PC), the errors below appear:
An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated
Caused by:
and, the communication light (d9)in the launchpad goes off at once.
In fact, I run the motor through the same launchpad and simulink program successfully two days ago. The serialport driver, program and launchpad are as same as previous days. I don't know why it can't work abruptly. I tried a lot of ways, but it didn't work...

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Sharat Yadav
Sharat Yadav on 10 Jun 2021
Hello Shudong,
The error directs that there is a communication failure while using the parameter estimation host model. Please ensure that the code is correctly deployed to the target and the heart beat led (RED LED, GPIO 34) on the F28379D launchpad is blinking.
For debugging, You can try open loop control example for the selected hardware to ensure the sanity of the hardware and the serial communication.

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