Trained Series Network apply in SIMULINK

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I have a question about neural network application,
I have created a neural network through Deep Network Designer and completed the training in MATLAB.
Is there a way to import the trained neural network into SIMULINK?
It may be to import the SeriesNetwork file (this neural network is about sequence classification) into matlab function blcok, or other better practices.
Best regards.

Accepted Answer

David Willingham
David Willingham on 26 May 2021
Hi Chuan-Yu,
As of R2021a there is a stateful-classify block in Simulink. The Stateful Classify block predicts class labels for the data at the input by using the trained recurrent neural network specified through the block parameter. This block allows loading of a pretrained network into the Simulink® model from a MAT-file or from a MATLAB® function. This block updates the state of the network with every prediction.

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