Human Detection in MATLAB using Deep Learning (Neural networks)

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I am looking to detect pedestrians/humans in a frame. I am aware of the peopleDetector tool in the Computer Vision Toolbox, that uses HOG features and a SVM for classification. I also went through the Pedestrian Detection example in the deep learning matlab toolbox.
If I want to use, Sliding Window for Region Proposal, HOG for Feature Extraction and then a NN for Classification. How do I go about this?
Thank you

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David Willingham
David Willingham on 26 May 2021
Hi Mohammad, have you thought about using Object Detectors based on deep learning?
This example shows how to use a pretrained object detector on 80+ different categories:
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Mohammad Arif
Mohammad Arif on 26 May 2021
Edited: Mohammad Arif on 26 May 2021
Hey David,
Thanks for your response. I am interested in tuning the deep learning network, through transfer learning and using it as a classifier. I'll go through the example now.

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