How to Multiply value in adjacent cell by cell above, Autofil formula in Matlab?

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Hello, there must be an easy way to do this!
i have an excel file, that has been imported to matlab,
what i would like to do is perform a calculation the same way i would do in excel (and autofill down). what i would like is to multiply the answer in the cell above by the adjacent cell to get a final answer ... and do this for all rows
For instance my excel file below
StartVar = 5
1 2 -1 (Startvar * -1)
2 2 +2 (above var * 2)
3 3 -2 (above var * -2)
4 3 -4 (above var * -4)
for instance the ANS column will now be

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Matt Kindig
Matt Kindig le 5 Août 2013
Modifié(e) : Matt Kindig le 5 Août 2013
There is no generic "autofill" command. For the example you've given, the following logic would work:
StartVar = 5;
multipliers = [-1 2 -2 -4];
ANS = StartVar*cumprod(multipliers)';
There are of course other ways to do the same thing. Incidentally, since the multipliers are not changing by a regular increment, I'm not sure how you would use the autofill in Excel to do this either.

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