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How to run a .exe file with push button (GUI)?

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BSantos le 7 Août 2013
Commenté : fathi zahou le 8 Mai 2021
I would like to ask for your help, as I have ran out of options.
On my GUI, I would like to run a Matlab app (.exe file), when user clicks on push button (my GUI it's still a .m file).
I have tried:
  • run ('path for .exe file')
  • run tool.exe
  • tool.exe in the call back of my button
I always get an Error message saying that the file can't be found.
Suggestions on how to solve this??
Thanks in advance!

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Jan le 7 Août 2013
You need:
system('path for .exe file')
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BSantos le 7 Août 2013
Thanks a LOT!!! :D
fathi zahou
fathi zahou le 8 Mai 2021
Explain to me, please What should i do to create. Exe un gui matlab

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vaya putra
vaya putra le 8 Juil 2019
i want to execute file but in difference directory
i am trying to change path using
myPath ='/home/vaya/field_run/'
command =' pf_ext.exe&'
[stat,res]=system(['export PATH=' myPath ' ; ' command])
but the result is unexpected, he did not run that file
any comments?


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