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Variable cylindrical solid not varying length

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Roberto Louis Moran
Roberto Louis Moran le 31 Mai 2021
How do I control the length of a Variable Cylindrical Solid block as a simulation is running, using a knob or a matlab script? It seems to expand but I can't get it to contract.
Also, is it possible to attach references at the opposite of each end similar to a Cylindrical Solid block?

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod le 2 Juin 2021
You could use any way of inputing signals into the cylindrical solid block be it using MATLAB script, knob or using any type of signal source as an input and if the input length signal is decreasing the length of cylinder decreases, just make sure to check the property of length and also check if the input signal is decreasing or not.
Refer to the following link for more info on cylindrical solid block.


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