barcode recognication algorithms

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john le 30 Mai 2011
Hi, I am reading the demo program of barcode recognication in video and image processing blockset. The whole simlink model includes 8 or more blocks. Could anyone give me the original algorithms , the code is hard to understang!

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john le 30 Mai 2011
Hi, I have found that if a block include sub-block, then it cannot be debugged. So I redraw the demo of barcode( every block has no sub block, though it looks very complex), in this way, I can debug every block. I also down load a bar code image to replace the original video, so every time , the program input is the same . this help me a lot to read the program. But the program is too complex to read, please help me! I can send you the model I redraw and the barcode image.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 30 Mai 2011
Can't you "open" the block that includes the sub-blocks ?

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