How do i replace the function modem.qammod with the function qammod?

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For this line of code:
hmod = modem.qammod('M',M, 'SymbolOrder','gray'), where M = 16

Accepted Answer

Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 22 Jul 2021
Hello Sanket,
To modulate an input signal x by using QAM with the specified modulation order M and the symbol order symOrder use the qammod function in the following format.
y = qammod(x,M,symOrder)
You can use the following code corresponding to the function specified by you,
% x is the signal you wish to modulate
M = 16;
hmod = qammod(x,M,'gray');
% The default symbol order is gray, so you can remove if you don’t want to specify it explicitly

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