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switch block Combine multiple signals into single signal.

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SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai le 1 Juin 2021
can anyone descrpe me with example by easy way to understand this switch as in the picture below.
I know the swiitch passes through the first input or the third input signal based on the value of the second input. The first and third inputs are data input. The second input is a control input. Specify the condition under which the block passes the first input by using the Criteria for passing first input and Threshold parameters But can not understand it
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Paul le 1 Juin 2021
Can you be more explicit about what you don't understand? Did you read the entire doc page? I think it even has a link to an example.

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Vimal Rathod
Vimal Rathod le 7 Juin 2021
A simple example would be suppose the "criteria for passing the first input" parameter is set to "u2 >= threshold" then if control signal (second signal) is greater than or equal to the defined threshold, then only the first signal passes as output or else the third signal passes. Have a look at this image below hope this explains enough.
Have a look at the example models of switch case usage by using scope on the signals which are going into switch block and coming out.

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