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How to vary colourmap while using surf function

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Ricky on 15 Aug 2013
Hello Everyone,
I am using surf command to plot a 2 dimensional function Z. The dimensions of Z are 155*125. The minimum value of Z is 162 and maximum value is 2048. I want to define my colour bar such that
values greater than 1301 -> colour black
values between 801 - 1300 -> colour red
values between 501 - 800 -> colour blue
values between 200 - 500 -> colour yellow
values less than 200 -> colour dark red
In the documentation i was able to find the RGB colours corresponding to my requirements, but I do not know how to generate a colourmap using the RGB values which fits my above mentioned criteria.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Aug 2013
Let darkred yellow and so on be rgb row vectors with the appropriate content. Then
cmap = vertcat( repmat(darkred, 200-162, 1), repmat(yellow, 500-200, 1), repmat(blue, 800-500, 1), repmat(red, 1300-800, 1), repmat(black, 2048-1300, 1));

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