Is it possible to eliminate the BlockIO contents when generating code?

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I am using MATLAB 2018b SIMULINK to generate c codes. Ater generating the c code in .h file I get two structures one is of dwork and one is blockIo.
My question is how can i delete the conents of BlockIO as I dont need them.
for example:
struct tag_RTM_hello {
BlockIO_hello *blockIO; => my interset is in this
D_Work_hello *dwork;

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Monika Jaskolka
Monika Jaskolka on 10 Jun 2021
You probably have to change your model configurations so that code generation makes these changes:
Asang singh
Asang singh on 14 Jun 2021
Hello Monika,
I got your point, and in order to avoid the generation of DWORK I have stopped using delay blocks. And for this I know that delay block is causing the generation of DWORK.
But as far as BLOCKIO's variables are concerned I am not sure what setting of only some variables are causing them to treated in this structure. If I get to know the setting of those variables then may be I can tweak them to not get generated.

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