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How to use radio buttons more effectively in a button group?

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Mohan Prasath Thirumalaisamy
Mohan Prasath Thirumalaisamy le 20 Août 2013
Dear MATLAB users,
I have 5 different filters as 5 different radio buttons in MATLAB GUI. I made them into a button group and now when i click the each button the noise image is shown through the axes. But i want to set the button group in such a way to show only one filter (one image), when i click the particular radio button and others shouldn't be selected. So, I followed this (<http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2624875/how-to-pass-function-to-radio-button-in-a-button-group-created-using-guide-in-ma>) which is given by stackoverflow. But how do we "set" image in an axes. Thanks in advance
Mohan Prasath Thirumalaisamy

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Leah le 20 Août 2013
In the radio button group callback you will need to either clear the axes or overwrite the data being displayed inside the object handle.
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Mohan Prasath Thirumalaisamy
Mohan Prasath Thirumalaisamy le 20 Août 2013
function uipanel1_SelectionChangeFcn(hObject, eventdata, handles)
if hObject == handles.gau
mean = str2double(get(handles.mn,'string'));
variance = str2double(get(handles.vn,'string'));
fig_2 = handles.ii;
fig_2 = im2double(rgb2gray(fig_2));
fig_2 = imnoise(fig_2,'gaussian',mean,variance);
like this, i have done for the rest of the buttons/filters. But its not functioning here in the button group. I have given the same command/code for each button/filter but its working there. I dont know, whts the problem?

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student of PU
student of PU le 28 Mai 2014
how to add image in axes on radion button click in radiobutton group ? please clarify ...


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