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How can I apply if else statement to exclude dates?

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Nuria Andreu
Nuria Andreu le 9 Juin 2021
Commenté : Nuria Andreu le 15 Juin 2021
I have many data files with dates ranging from the 1800s to 2021. I only need dates from 1/1/1940 to 12/31/2020. I need to maintain the data file as untouched as possible (this is why I did not delete the extra dates). Can anyone help me with this code?
I appreciate the help!
Thank you!

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ytzhak goussha
ytzhak goussha le 10 Juin 2021
if vec is your date string vector:
vec = ["12/31/2020";"12/30/2020";"12/29/2020"]
then you must first convert it to date class:
date_vec = datetime(vec,'InputFormat','MM/dd/yyyy')
this will give the output:
date_vec =
3×1 datetime array
and then you can either get a logical array with your condition:
upper_limit = datetime("12/31/2020",'InputFormat','MM/dd/yyyy');
lower_limit = datetime("12/30/2020",'InputFormat','MM/dd/yyyy')
logical array = (date_vec>lower_limit&date_vec<upper_limit)
or you can do if else statements
if this_date > upper_limit

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