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Quang Thinh
Quang Thinh on 30 Aug 2013
Hi guys,
Currently I am doing some GUI programing. (I am a newbie in this so if there is something wrong, please feel free to give me advices).
I have a radio button along its callback function. Along with that, I also produce another function to do some calculation/condition checking.
function Evaluation
if <obey condition>
guidata(handles.output, handles);
<radiobutton call back>
function <radiobutton callback> hObecj eventdata handles
chck = get(hObject,'Value');
if get(hObject,'Value') == 1 then
%do this
%do that
Surprisingly, the value I get for chck is not as it should be (it should be 1 but it appeared to be 3). Spending ages stopping and watching step-by-step, I still have no clue how to solve it.
Thanks for your help.

Answers (1)

Muthu Annamalai
Muthu Annamalai on 30 Aug 2013
I understand you are having problems accessing a property of the radio-button class.
Since radio buttons behavior is different from other widgets in that, they are all grouped together, in a mutually exclusive fashion, and one of them is always true.
So you need to identify,
a) which of n radio buttons were selected b) and properties of the selected radio button..
So it seems to me you already know button 3 was "selected," implicitly meaning its value is true.


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