is there any function for CalinskiHarabasz just like silhouette(X,cidx) in matlab

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Kshitij Tripathi
Kshitij Tripathi le 19 Juin 2021
Réponse apportée : LO le 19 Juin 2021
As silhouette(X,cidx) function plot graph of score for each data point. I want to know that is there similar function
for CalinskiHarabasz in matlab.

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LO le 19 Juin 2021
yes, here
load fisheriris;
eva = evalclusters(meas,'kmeans','CalinskiHarabasz','KList',[1:6])
this is the usual silouhette plot used for k-means clustering:
[idx3,C,sumdist3] = kmeans(X,3,'Distance','cityblock','Display','final');
[silh3,h] = silhouette(X,idx3,'cityblock');
xlabel('Silhouette Value')


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