PV array with grid system with battery charger

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Geneve Goh
Geneve Goh le 21 Juin 2021
Hi I'm facing some troubles with my model now. I'm unsure if the system is synchronised to DC as the grid is an AC source. However, a 3 level bridge is in place to convert the AC to DC. Furthermore, I'm unsure if the battery placement for charging is in the correct place. Appreciate any help i can get, thank you.

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy le 1 Juil 2021
Hi there
The synchronization is done through a PLL block that senses the voltage of the grid and obtains the phase angle to be used in the PWM control of the DC-AC converter. This PLL is inside the VSC control, if you use a shipped demo as a base for your work. So that would solve the synchronization aspect.
When it comes to the battery, you may need a DC-DC converter between battery and DC link to regulate the flow of energy to/from the DC solar system.But the location seems correct to me.
Best of luck / Juan


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