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I am solving a nonlinear Model predictive control problem . I get the following error. Can anybody help me understand the error report?

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Sargondjani le 23 Juin 2021
The error says that the derivative at the initial point (x0) is either NaN, infinity, or complex. So you should check whether that is supposed to be the case. If this is only a local problem, you could use a slightly different starting value for x0
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kushal s
kushal s le 24 Juin 2021
Modifié(e) : kushal s le 24 Juin 2021
But i have not used any nonlinear constarints. I think it wants me to use Nonlinear constraint function at initial point. Can you sugest possible corrections?
Sargondjani le 24 Juin 2021
I need to see your code (minimal working example would be great), otherwise it's hard to help you
Maybe you specified a non linear constraint, without intending to do so?

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