RF Blockset S-Parameters frequency vector

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I'd like to simulate a S-parameter block (network-parameters as datasource) over a specific frequency range. Therefore, I need to enter a vector as frequency parameter. I defined the frequency vector in the base workspace via the linspace function. However, if I try to enter the name of that vector in the frequency field and apply these changes, the following error occurs:
"Failed to evaluate mask initialisation commands" and
"Caused by: Network parameter data is incomplete"
Why do I need to specify a frequency? If network-parameters are selected as datasource, the s-parameters stay the same over the whole frequency range, don't they? Or do I need to enter the s-parameters for every frequency point of the frequency vector?

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 19 Jul 2021
Although applicable at any frequency S parameters change with the measurement frequency. The Network Parameter Values in the S – Parameters block is a multidimensional array where the third dimension of the S-parameter array must be the same length as the vector of frequencies specified by the Frequency parameter. Hence if you specify the Frequency of Network Parameters property as a vector, the length should be equal to the length of the third dimension in the Network Parameter Property.

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