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How can I design a flywheel energy storage on MATLAB/Simulink ?

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Charles on 4 Sep 2013
Commented: alireza azarm on 11 Oct 2020
I'm working on a new project in which I have to do a flywheel model for a simulation. Unfortunately, there isn't any all done model in the library or on this forum. I was wondering if anybody has already done it.
I would like to put this flywheel on the rotor of an asynchronous motor/generator as some turbine manufacturers do in order to benefit of a source of storage. I have looked into the asynchronous machine model and have thought of modifying the inertia of it but I don't think it will give me good results. Moreover, I have no idea of how to control the storage in this case.
Thanks in advance for your answers !


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atia taif
atia taif on 24 Sep 2020
I am doing a project look like your project, please infrom me in case you have got answers

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 3 Sep 2020
Hello Charles,
increasing the inertia of your rotor is a perfectly acceptable way to model the flywheel. You will then have to determine how you want to control the motor. There are numerous control methods that work for asynchronous machines. The appropriate one is highly dependent on your technical requirements and what type of system the flywheel is connected to. For instance, microgrid vs full grid changes what assumptions you can make in your control algorithm. For a microgrid, your flywheel may be large enough to actually modify the system frequency and line voltage, whereas in a grid connected sccenario, you may be able to assume constant line voltage and frequency.
As an alternative, you can create a behavioral model that does not require an actual controller. This would be done by modelling your flywheel as a rotational inertia connected to a controllable torque source. You can then control how much torque is applied to the flywheel without needing a motor controller. Simply measure speed and multiply by torque to track your power, integrate to track your energy, and you have a model that you can push and pull energy into.


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