what is the difference between readtable () and datastore() ?

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Naveen kumar koritala
Naveen kumar koritala le 29 Juin 2021
Réponse apportée : Anupama le 23 Fév 2023
upto my knowledge both these commands are used for data import. i want to know the difference between these two. help me

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 29 Juin 2021
readtable is meant for reading a single file. Datastore are designed for reading multiple files of the same data format. They are used when your big data is split across many smaller files. Under the hood the datastore might use readtable to read the individual files.

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Anupama le 23 Fév 2023
With readtable, you have to change file name everytime you run the script and select a new file for analysis with the same script but with datastore, you can use uiget function to select any file (or a new file everytime you run the script) and it will be read (without you having to worry about manually updating the file name.


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