Apple's M1 native support

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Rodrigo Cerda
Rodrigo Cerda on 29 Jun 2021
Commented: Mike Croucher environ 11 heures ago
Are there any updates on when will Apple's M1 chip be natively supported by Matlab?
Any chance this could be on realease 2021b?
I had to go back to an Intel based Mac due the frequent crashes (3 to 4 times a day) experienced while running Matlab 2021a on a 16 GB 8-core M1 Macbook Pro with Big Sur.
I understand that the native version is under development, but it's been months since so.
Could someone please provide some insights on this? It's really causing some problems to some of us ...
Thanks in advance.

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Selahattin Imrohoroglu
Selahattin Imrohoroglu on 25 Nov 2021
Edited: Selahattin Imrohoroglu on 25 Nov 2021
I have not run any of my Matlab code yet but executing bench gives the following for my MacBook Pro M1 Max with 64GB memory:
Jorge Ignacio Cisneros Saldana
Have you tried parallel processing? does it work?

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Oliver Woodford
Oliver Woodford on 15 Mar 2022
MATLAB R2022a still doesn't run natively on Apple silicon. The release notes say "On Apple silicon Macs, MATLAB runs using the Rosetta 2 environment." and "A future release of MATLAB will run natively on Apple silicon."
Umut Sayin
Umut Sayin on 8 Sep 2022
I can assure you that 2022a still runs on Intel. There is no such thing as installing or not installing Rosetta, it is part of MacOS. It is literally written on the requirements page that it uses Rosetta 2

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Michael Brown
Michael Brown on 23 Nov 2021
I'm running R2021b on a new MB Pro M1 with 32 GB and macOS 12.01. So far MATLAB is simply running as intended and seems to handle large numerical inverses that push MATLAB to 29 GB of ram usage better than the prior intel MB Pro. The times required for calculations tend to be nearly a wash - within 20-30% - even with this non-native version. It has not crashed. Below are the results of the bench command (these are not as good as the intel MB Pro - but they are not terrible). I am eagerly awaiting the native version
Michael Brown
Michael Brown on 23 Nov 2021
I've had the MB Pro M1 for two weeks and have been nearly continuously running scripts with linear/non-linear inverse problems and lots of 2D-3D plotting. I typically run problems that take ~5 minutes each and have 800-900% parallel utilization with near 30 GB of ram used by matlab. So far (using R2021b) matlab has not crashed once. Version R2021a on the intel mac had crash-inducing bugs. I was frustrated prior to the release of 2021b which was much better on the intel mac and seems stable on the M1 mac

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Shaohui Liu
Shaohui Liu on 30 Nov 2021
Edited: Shaohui Liu on 30 Nov 2021
I am running 2021b on a MBP with M1 Pro chip and 32G RAM. Regular jobs look fine but some Simulink-based tasks have some weird bugs.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 28 Feb 2023 at 14:32
Please report these "crashes and issues" to Technical Support directly using the Contact Support link under the Get Support heading at the end of this page. If they are known issues they may be able to suggest solutions or workarounds, if not they can report them to the development staff.

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