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Communication between Simulink and Simscape blocks

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Saulo Vitor P. Cantanhêde
Saulo Vitor P. Cantanhêde le 30 Juin 2021
Hi, I'm trying to connect the signals of Simulink's blocks with the Simscape to simulate the consumption of current in a electrical circuit by a simple load. For example, I created a wind turbine circuit with simulink blocks, and now I want connect the resulting currents with a load of Simscape blocks, but I had problems with that communication. Does anyone know a block that converts the signals obtained in simulink and feeds a simscape circuit ?
I appreciate the help if someone knows how I can do that.

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Scott Satinover
Scott Satinover le 1 Juil 2021
Modifié(e) : Scott Satinover le 1 Juil 2021
Hi Saulo, you can use PS-Simulink and Simulink-PS blocks to interface between Simscape and Simulink. Use the PS-Simulink block if you want to send Simscape signals into Simulink.
Specifically, this page provides an example on how you can apply a Simulink source of voltage to a Simscape electrical load:
This model uses a custom block called a "Voltage source" block, and I think that configuration should help with the interface you're looking for.
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Saulo Vitor P. Cantanhêde
Thanks! I'm new to using Simscape for simulation and was having problems using the PS-Simulink and Simulink-PS blocks to communication, but these examples were very helpful.

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