Change stem colour of particular values

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Hi there,
I have a stem plot with 66 points and I would like to change the colour of particular valuesonly.
Mpre specifically I want to pur green colour to the 39th, 53rd and 59th element of the graph.
Can you hepl me with that? i have seen similar questions but didn't manage to find a proper solution
thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 3 Jul 2021
Try something like this —
x = 1:10;
y = rand(size(x));
stem(x, y)
hold on
stem(x([1 3 5]),y([1 3 5]),'g', 'MarkerEdgeColor','b')
hold off
It changes the stem colour to green, and keeps the marker colour blue.
It is also possible to change the other properties of the chosen (and other) stems and markers.

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Chunru on 3 Jul 2021
x = (1:66);
y = randn(1, 66); % your data
figure; hold on
stem(x, y, 'r');
i1 = [39 53 59];
stem(x(i1), y(i1), 'g');


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