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How to interpolate geometry along Z axis?

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Trevor le 3 Juil 2021
Réponse apportée : Yazan le 3 Juil 2021
I have a set of 3D nodal coordinates. They are anatomical data and does not follow any particular equations. The coordinates are attached. I am trying to interpolate them along the Z axis to obtain the nodal coordinates along X and Y axis for Z coordinate= [1,1.7778,2.5556,3.3333,4.1111,4.8889,5.6667,6.4444,7.2222,8]. Is it possible to do so in MATLAB?
Thank you.
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Amit Bhowmick
Amit Bhowmick le 3 Juil 2021
Node connectivity matrix required to create the surface.

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Yazan le 3 Juil 2021
You can use Matlab scatteredInterpolant or griddata.


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