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Harish M Y
Harish M Y on 5 Jul 2021
Edited: Chunru on 5 Jul 2021
Hi I want do display information for the button without clicking the button function. How can I do this in appdesinger?
If I want to load file from certain directory, For LoadFile button if I move my cursor on the LoadFil button, it should display the information where the file should get selected or what file to be selected

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Chunru on 5 Jul 2021
Edited: Chunru on 5 Jul 2021
Use 'Tootip' property.
k = uibutton('Text', 'TestTooltp', 'Tooltip', 'Show some information when hover over')
The documentation from uibutton:
Tooltip — Tooltip
'' (default) | character vector | cell array of character vectors | string array | 1-D categorical array
Tooltip, specified as a character vector, cell array of character vectors, string array, or 1-D categorical array. Use this property to display a message when the user hovers the pointer over the component at run time. The tooltip displays even when the component is disabled. To display multiple lines of text, specify a cell array of character vectors or a string array. Each element in the array becomes a separate line of text. If you specify this property as a categorical array, MATLAB uses the values in the array, not the full set of categories.


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