How to delete figure in an excel file

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I would like to directly delete all the figures in an excel file from MATLAB. I can select all the figures using activex but I cant' figure out a way to delete them.
My code:
filename_out = 'Libraries\Documents\TEST.xlsx'; % filename
Excel = actxserver('Excel.Application'); % open the connection
Excel.Workbooks.Open(filename_out); % open excel file
worksheets = Excel.sheets;
numSheets = worksheets.Count; % count the number of sheets
for s = 1 : numSheets % do a loop for all sheets
worksheets.Item(s).Shapes.SelectAll; % select the figure
  • % How to delete selection? *
Thanks for any help!

Accepted Answer

Christe  Antoine
Christe Antoine on 23 Sep 2013
Edited: Walter Roberson on 13 Aug 2018
I finally found a solution:
worksheets = Excel.sheets;
numSheets = worksheets.Count;
for s = 1 : numSheets % Delete all shapes in Excel
myshapes = worksheets.Item(s).Shapes;
for j = myshapes.Count:-1:1

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Sep 2013
Go to the sheet. Start recording a macro. Then do your operations (deleting things, etc.). Then stop recording and look at the macro source code and see what code Excel put in there. Then transfer that code to your MATLAB program.

Christe  Antoine
Christe Antoine on 17 Sep 2013
No, I already tried to do something like that. The excel macro give me something like:
I have no problem with the figure selection in MATLAB (worksheets.Item(s).Shapes.SelectAll), but Selection.Delete give me an error:
"Undefined variable "Selection" or function "Selection.Delete".
Any other idea?
Thank for your help!

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