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Yogesh N

Hi I am facing some issues in converting from (.slx) version of models into (.mdl) version.

Asked by Yogesh N
on 17 Sep 2013
Latest activity Answered by Tarun Jhamnani on 4 Jun 2015
I opened the model in 2012b and made saveas to .mdl format but when i do this and open the model in 2011a all stateflow charts are converted to S-Functions. I am not able to work on this model in 2011a. what would be the problem?, can anyone suggest me how to convert .slx to .mdl?


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Also, what is the error when you run the model in R2011a?
i have a similar problem. I use Matlab R2011b. Sometimes when i save my model, some stateflow charts will replaced by the S-function Block! I have no Idea why? The Simulation isnt possible because the mex File is missing. The main Problem is, i have no chance to get my Stateflow chart back. Does anyone have same problems or an solution? brg
If you are saving '.mdl' from menu [File]-[Save as] in Simulink menu, try saving model by [File]-[Export Model to...]-[Previous Version], and select version in the popped window.

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Answer by Tarun Jhamnani on 4 Jun 2015

I have faced this problem many times while working with multiple versions of MATLAB. I am not sure what is the exact reason but i feel designing a model with a higher version of MATLAB and opening the same in lower version corrupts Stateflow due to non - availability of the properties. Best option is to always Export model to previous version of MATLAB as per your need before opening the model in lower version. File ->Export Model to Previous Version -> Select the MATLAB version and Done


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