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Factorial Problems involving repeition

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hBk on 17 Sep 2013
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello, i have a little and maybe simple problem here..can somebody help me to solve my problem.. i appreciate it.. How to write a matlab code for factorial problem. for example;
E= 1!+2!+3!+....... until the calculation stops at 153. The program also gives/display how many times it has to do the addition until it get to 153.
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Yatin on 16 Oct 2013
Edited: Yatin on 16 Oct 2013
Below is the code. The value of " count " is the number of times the sum was carried out.
addition = 0;
count = 0;
oldFact = 1;
while(addition < 153)
newFact = (count+1)*oldFact;
addition = addition + newFact;
oldFact = newFact;
count = count+1;

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