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How to concatenate elements of a cell array

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Arlinda Gashi
Arlinda Gashi le 10 Juil 2021
Commenté : Arlinda Gashi le 10 Juil 2021
I have a cell array containing 61 cells of 30 second audio data: stimuli = {1,1 1,2 1,3...}. I want to concatenate the cells i.e cell 1 and 2, 3 and 4... and so on, so at the end I have cells of 60 seconds data.
I tried the following code, but it does not work! I'd appreciate your help! Thank you!
stimdata = cell(1,31);
for i=size(stimuli,2)-1
stimdata{i} = stimuli{1,i},stimuli{1,i}+1
cnt = cnt+2;

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LO le 10 Juil 2021
Modifié(e) : LO le 10 Juil 2021
if your cells are all of the same size, try using cell2mat (to convert your cell into array) and then reshape (to change the size from 60x30 to 30 x 60, assuming each half stimulus will have to be paired to the consecutive row)
You code contains errors, see if this helps (it would be useful to have your stimuli variable as well to troubleshoot
stimdata = cell(1,31);
for i= 1:2:size(stimuli,2)-1 % skip even numbers
if abs(i - size(stimuli,2)) >=2 % this should check if you have enough free stimuli to select two in a row
stimdata{i} = [stimuli{1,i},stimuli{1,i+1}]; % pair odd and even stimuli
cnt = cnt+2; % not sure why you want this one here
stimdata{i} = [stimuli{1,i}]; % pair odd and even stimuli
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Arlinda Gashi
Arlinda Gashi le 10 Juil 2021
Many thanks! Your code solved the problem!

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