How do I perform erosion and dilation on point cloud

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Farah Saeed
Farah Saeed le 15 Juil 2021
Commenté : Yazan le 19 Juil 2021
I have a point cloud representing top view of two nearby objects. Performing segmentation using pcsegdist identifies them as one segment. I feel like I would be able to separate them into two objects after applying erosion. How can I achieve erosion in pointclouds?

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Yazan le 17 Juil 2021
Transform the point cloud into an image, then you can use Matlab image processing tools and functions.
A quick search on the File Exchange lead me to this function, but I have not tested it myself.
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Yazan le 19 Juil 2021
I have used this contribution before fore that.

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