I have created a PMSM motor model and wanted to validate the motor that I created with the PMSM motor from simscape motor Blockset. Output Te,speed are different that I get

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File myFOC_13 is the simulink model.
There are two Motor Models, Topmost model is the created model and the model below is the Simscape model.
I have attached the simulink file (myFOC_13) and .m file for reference.
Figures Attached :
Iabc is shown, it is evident about the difference.
I appreciate a genuine help in figuring out the error.

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Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 21 Jul 2021
To find out how the equations have been implemented for the motor block, use "Look Under Mask" option.
Right click on the block -> go to "Mask" option -> select "Look Under Mask" (Or select block and use short-cut "Ctrl+U")
If the motor equations are implemented exactly same then we do not expect the difference.
Please add comment if you have any specific query regarding implementation of the equation for the motor block.
Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 22 Jul 2021
I would like to know and understand the workflow you are following to create meshgrid (efficiency vs torque and speed). Please provide following information :-
  1. What variable values you are choosing to calculate efficiency?
  2. Are you using speed array or torque array output from a single simulation of the model? (If yes it should not be correct because speed array is speed w.r.t. time and torque array is torque w.r.t. time. Array will be of different size if sampling rate will be different for speed and torque)
  3. In the model Iq ref is constant hence motor will achieve only one speed. So to get different speeds do you change Iq ref? What different values of Iq ref have been choosen?

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