How do I plot points coming from a for loop without using vectors?

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Hi, I am new to Matlab so excuse my ignorance. I am trying to make a code that evaluates a definite integral from 0 to infinity for different values of two parameters, which I called v,L in the script below. Then I want to plot these definite integrals versus values of, say, L, which increases by one in each cycle. Why aren't values of L on the horizontal axis equally spaced as they should be? Is there something wrong with the plot function? If so, is there a way to plot points coming from a for loop as they get out, without using vectors? Thanks in advance.
syms x;
double L;
double v;
for i=0:50
hold on
hold off
Konrad on 22 Jul 2021
I think what Stephen refers to is that
double L; % = double('L')
doesn't declare a variable (as in other languages), but type-casts the character 'L' to type double, which is simply the number 76.

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Accepted Answer

Konrad on 22 Jul 2021
values on the x-axis are not equally spaced because on every interation you increase L by i, which itself is increased by 1 on every interation:
1st interation: L = 0+0 = 0
2nd L = 0+1 = 1
3rd L = 1+2 = 3
4th L = 3+3 = 6
but you can just use i as your x-parameter for the plot function:
> "is there a way to plot points coming from a for loop as they get out, without using vectors?"
you allready do that using hold on
Salvatore Manfredi D'Angelo
Thank you! This solved my issue. integral() is numeric and int() is symbolic then, I will keep in mind

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