Orientation 3-axis accelerometer from x y z only

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Francesco Lucarelli
Francesco Lucarelli le 22 Juil 2021
Hi all,
i was wondering if it's possible to get an estimation of the orientation of the accelerometer, from x y z
I have a 3-axis accelerometer, with x(t), y(t) and z(t).
From just those 3 components, is it possible to determine the orientation of my accelerometer, eventually with respect to gravity?
Please find attached also a copy of x, y and z
Thanks a lot in advance for your time
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Francesco Lucarelli
Francesco Lucarelli le 23 Juil 2021
you mean form the left side i have the gravity vector [x',y',z'] (mean of x y and z) and from the right side i have my [x,y,z]
so [x',y',z']=A[x,y,z]
computing the math i can have the three angles. Is it okay?
Thanks again

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Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar le 28 Juil 2021
Hi Francesco
Rough estimate of the Position and orientation of the device can be predicted by making use of Kinematic equations.
It's under the assumtion that there is no collision taking place and the sampling rate is high to assume a linear motion model.
% Motion Equation
s = @(dt,u,a) u*dt + 0.5*a*dt^2;
v = @(dt,u,a) u + a*dt;
Once velocity components are obtained make use of the following code to get orientation and visualization
velocityAngle = atan2d(velocityY,velocityX);
[u, v] = pol2cart(deg2rad(velocityAngle), 1);
w = zeros(size(u,1),1);
% Visualization
% Trajectory obtained using motion model
plot3(trajectoryX, trajectoryY, trajectoryZ);
hold on
% Orientation
quiver3(trajectoryX, trajectoryY, trajectoryZ,u,v,w,'LineWidth',0.75,'AutoScaleFactor',1)
axis equal
hold off
title('Velocity plot')
Some manual adjustments will need to be made according to the setup condition assumed.
Hope it helps!!


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