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3D bar graph of Z with data in X Y Z array

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FNU Dhanraj
FNU Dhanraj le 23 Juil 2021
Commenté : FNU Dhanraj le 27 Juil 2021
I am having difficulty creating a 3D bar graph. I have the data in X Y Z array and need a 3d bar graph for Z.

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Konrad le 23 Juil 2021
provided that x and y are always positive integers, this may be a good start:
tab = readtable('XYZ_Data.txt');
zarray = zeros(max(tab.Y),max(tab.X)); % you could also use NaNs
lind = sub2ind(size(zarray),tab.Y,tab.X);
zarray(lind) = tab.Z;
bar3(zarray); % you may want to reverse the direction of your z-axis if z is always <0
Note that I assume that there is only 1 z-value per x- & y- coordinate.
Best, Konrad
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Konrad le 27 Juil 2021
The main difference in this figure is that there are fewer bars visible. Constrain your x- and y-limit and your bars will look similar.
set(gca,'XLim',[60.5 75.5],'YLim',[60.5 75.5])
Best, K
FNU Dhanraj
FNU Dhanraj le 27 Juil 2021
Thanks Konrad

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