Get Current Frame out of Video Reader Object?

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Alicia Wüst
Alicia Wüst le 25 Juil 2021
Hi everybody,
when I stopp playing an VideoReader Object, is there a way to get the current videoFrame?
Something like currentFrame etc.?
Best regards.

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie le 28 Juil 2021
From my understanding you want to get the frame when you pause a video. If you know at which time you will be pausing the video the you can get the frame:
time = 3.5 % suppose you need frame at 3.5th second
v = VideoReader('Test.avi','CurrentTime’, time);
If you really want to pause video, one possible workaround would be to use implay to pause video and get the frame like so:
% use implay to get frame time
fig = implay('Test.avi')
% pause video and get the exact time of the video
CurrentFrameTime = fig.DataSource.Controls.TimeOfDisplayData;
% use videoreader to get the frame from the time
v = VideoReader('Test.avi','CurrentTime',CurrentFrameTime);
f = readFrame(v);

Alicia Wüst
Alicia Wüst le 28 Juil 2021
Thanks for your help! I‘ll try this today.

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