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How to Programmatically replace blocks in Simulink

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Ramae Smith
Ramae Smith le 26 Juil 2021
Commenté : Ramae Smith le 2 Août 2021
I have a model with hundreds of blocks from an old library that I want to replace.
I've made a dummy model. "Version 2" inside the model is the goal. I've done 3 by hand just for clarity.
I want to Replace all Step blocks with Constant blocks. I also want to take the Label of the Step block, and it to the Constant Value of the new Constant block.
There's a couple functions that could work that I've added to the script.
Let me know if you have ideas!

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Shadaab Siddiqie
Shadaab Siddiqie le 29 Juil 2021
Form my understanding you want to replace few blocks in your model with another blocks. You can do this using replace_block like so:
%Load the model sldemo_clutch.
%In the 'Unlocked' subsystem, replace blocks whose Gain value is bv with Integrator blocks.
If you want to replace block in model with block from another model you can refer pil_block_replace.
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Ramae Smith
Ramae Smith le 2 Août 2021
Thanks, this adresses the repalcement aspect.

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Ramae Smith
Ramae Smith le 2 Août 2021
My colleague figured it out. The flaw in this code is that it works one block at a time. Ideally I wanted to replace and relabel all of the step blocks in my model at once.
① Get the name of the Step block
paramValue = get_param ('untitled / Step','Name');
② Convert the Step block to the Constant block
RepNames = replace_block ('untitled','Step','Constant');
(3) Set the value value of the converted Constant block to the name of the Step block.
set_param ('untitled / Step','Value', paramValue);


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