Creating a modified audiofile

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Youssef Darwich
Youssef Darwich le 30 Juil 2021
Commenté : Youssef Darwich le 6 Août 2021
i have a 2 seconds audiofile. How can i create a 2 min. one from the same data. in other words in need to create a loop of the same data in the original 2 sec. file which goes for 2 min.
i appreciate every help, thanks!
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Youssef Darwich
Youssef Darwich le 6 Août 2021
thanks, this was helpful

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Yazan le 1 Août 2021
clc, clear
% load data
load handel.mat
filename = 'handel.wav';
audiowrite(filename, y, Fs);
% save only 2 second of audio
y = y(1:2*Fs);
% extend the audio from 2 sec to 2 minutes
rep = round(2*60/2);
yrep = repmat(y, [rep, 1]);
% write the extended audio
audiowrite(filename, yrep, Fs);
% read the extended audio
[y, Fs] = audioread('handel.wav');
% listen to extended audio
sound(y, Fs);
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Youssef Darwich
Youssef Darwich le 4 Août 2021
this was helpful, thanks a lot!

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