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How do I change the default Matlab editor into Notepad++?

Asked by Román
on 3 Oct 2013
Latest activity Commented on by David Amor on 3 Nov 2016
Hello,I own Matlab R2013a and I have tried changing the editor in HOME > ENVIRONMENT > PREFERENCES > EDITOR/DEBUGGER > EDITOR > TEXT EDITOR and selecting the .exe file of Notepad++.
The thing is that when I click APPLY and then OK and I open a new script nothing is affected, the same old default editor pops-up, although the notepad is selected.
Could anyone give any suggestion please? Thank you!


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1 Answer

Answer by David Amor on 23 Dec 2013

I am getting the same.
I think this is a genuine bug... There are other bugs with the editor in 2013b release (the breakpoint and play stop button controls don't seem to work either).
I have raised a bug report via:

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This is still a bug in 2015b.

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