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Regarding PK modelling in Simbiology!

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Sukeerthi on 4 Oct 2013
Commented: Sukeerthi on 5 Oct 2013
Hi. I am currently trying to carry out a PK analysis using Simbiology but I am unable to get the results maam. I wanted to ask 1) If under the dose column in the dataset, for eg, 20 mg/kg for 0.02kg mice, the value to input is 20*0.02 milligram dose. 2) If under the concentrations in plasma, I have to enter the lg values obtained from the graph or if I have to convert the lg values to normal values before inputting them into Simbiology. 3) Under parameter estimation, what does Transformation (log by default) mean for the estimated parameters?
Thank you, Sue


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Ingrid Tigges
Ingrid Tigges on 5 Oct 2013
Hi, I do not know your model so keep this in mind when reading my answers.
1) In a typical PK model, the input is likely to be 20. Please have a look into your model to find out how the weight of the mouse is taken into account
2) Again this depends on your Simbiology model. Which graph did you use to obtain the plasma concentrations? I would guess that the values are you enter are in normal scale but without seeing the model...
3) This link might be interesting for you in order to understand the log transformation log transformation explanation

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Sukeerthi on 5 Oct 2013
Hi Ms Ingrid Tigges, I have followed up with my model. Please take a look at the model I have sent to you.

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